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Parent Introduction to Life Skills "flipped classroom"

Parent Introduction to Life Skills "flipped classroom"

Author: Courtney Roy

Introduce parents to the concept of a flipped classroom for Exceptional Children; Life Skills program.

This presentation was created to introduce the concept of flipping a classroom. My target audience is my high school Life Skills class parents. In order for our students to become 21st century learners we need to expose them to other technological avenues such as flipping (or partially flipping) the classroom. Exceptional Children need even more one on one teach time. The concept of a flipped classroom provides that relationship. It's self-paced, and even EC students with excessive absences can feel up to speed!

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Flipped Classroom Tutorial for EC Parents

Anyone can become a 21st century learner. Even Life Skills / Exceptional Children. The teacher is always there (in the classroom and in their home electronically), and even those with excessive absences still feel up to speed.