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Parts of a Story

Parts of a Story

Author: Aliccia Hans

SWBAT understand the five important elements of a story in order to establish what they are in a given story.

The five elements of a story are plot, character, setting, conflict, and theme. These five elements tend to define the main points of a story and what it is all about. They usually help to really break apart the story into sections and figure out what is going on.

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These Are the Five Things...

This video is a rap about the five elements of a story. The five elements in this video are the important components to pay attention to when reading a story to better understand it.


This video describes what plot is and uses Spongebob as an example to explain it.


This video focuses in on the theme of a story and how to establish what the theme is of a particular story.

Just like a Sandwich...

The elements of a story are just like the parts of a sandwich. No one want to only eat two slices of bread, so you need the cheese, lettuce, tomato, meat, pickles, and onion!

Time for a Quiz!

This is a short quiz to see if you understood the material from the videos above.


-Write down one question you do not know about story elements

-Write down one you do know and can challenge a classmate with and bring it with you to class tomorrow