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Parts of an Infograph

Parts of an Infograph

Author: Julie Sully
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What is the purpose of an infograph?

  • convey a message or an idea
  • present large amounts of information in a compact and easy to understand way
  • reveal the data, discover cause-effect relations, and identify relationships among data

Parts of an Infograph

All infographs will contain more than one of these items to help convey their message:

  • text
  • images
  • maps
  • data

What makes a great infograph?

  • Focused data
  • Clear design
  • Shareable

Visit this website for more detailed information:

A Better Infograph


Infograph #1


What information is this infograph giving us?

What percent of 0-8 year olds use a mobile device everyday?

How did they get this information?


What are the strong parts of this infograph?

What are the weak parts?


Infograph #2

What is the title of this infograph? What information is it giving us?

Where should you put you alarm clock? Why?

What are the strong parts of this infograph? Weak?