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Parts of speech

Parts of speech

Author: Melissa Stephenson
  1. Explain what parts of speech are.

  2. Explain what nouns are and how they usually function in a sentence (e.g. as subject or object)

  3. Explain what verbs are and how they usually function in a sentence (e.g. subject-verb agreement)

  4. Explain what adjectives are and where they are usually found in a sentence.

  5. Explain what adverbs are.

  6. Explain what conjunctions are and how they function in a sentence.

This packet should help a learner seeking to understand English grammar and who is confused about the different parts of speech. It will also explain why it is helpful to be able to identify parts of speech.

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Eight Parts of Speech

This slideshow identifies the eight parts of speech and the function of the parts of speech as a system.

Source: Diana Hacker


This slideshow explains the function of nouns and three different types of nouns.

Source: Diana Hacker


This slideshow explains how to identify the verb in a sentence and its types and function.

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This slideshow explains what an adjective is and how to identify it in a sentence.

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This slideshow explains what adverbs are and how they function, as well as identifies common mistakes with adverb use.

Source: Diana Hacker


This slideshow explains the multiple functions of conjunctions.

Source: Diana Hacker, Melissa Stephenson