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Parts of the Microscope

Parts of the Microscope

Author: Amanda Soderlind

This lesson will illustrate the different parts that make up a microscope, and explain how it works.

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The microscope allows you to get a better look at objects you wouldn’t be able to see with just your naked eye. A microscope is composed of several components that allow you to see an image.

Lens- (iris) the part of the microscope you look into

Objectives- each objective has a different magnification value. The magnification can be changed by moving the revolving nosepiece. The highest objective is oil immersion only.

Stage- platform where the specimen is placed. You can control the amount of light that is allowed through the specimen by adjusting the diaphragm which is located under the stage.

Focus- you will use the fine and coarse focus mechanisms to adjust the stage until you can clearly see your specimen. The coarse focus moves the stage at larger increments while the fine focus moves the stage at small increments

The light source is often a small light bulb in most light microscopes, however, older microscopes will have a mirror as their light source to reflect light up to the specimen.

When carrying a microscope you should always hold it by the arm and the base.