Passive and Active Voice

Passive and Active Voice

Author: Ms. K
  1. Explain how to construct sentences in passive voice.

  2. Explain when using the passive voice is and is not appropriate according to style, audience, and purpose.

Explain the difference between passive and active voice.

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An Introduction to Active and Passive Voice

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How to Construct a Sentence Using Passive Voice


  1. Take your original sentence and note the subject, verb and object.
  2. Swap the subject and object OR delete the subject so that the object is the new subject.
  3. Rewrite as needed.


Examples: The subject is in blue, verb in red and object in green.

ACTIVE: The man ran over the old bike.

PASSIVE: The old bike was run over by the man.


ACTIVE: He completely ruined your bike.

PASSIVE: Your bike was completely ruined.


ACTIVE: You filled your paper with spelling errors.

PASSIVE: Your paper was filled with spelling errors.



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Picking Active vs. Passive Voice

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