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Pathology of Central Nervous System

Pathology of Central Nervous System

Author: Mohd Izuan

(1) categorize the types of diseases in the central nervous system

(2) relate most common pathologies in the diagnostic and radiotherapy fields

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REVISION: Anatomy & Physiology of the Central Nervous System

Published on Mar 12, 2015
Overview of the brain for Anatomy and Physiology.
Very simple and amazing video to revise your knowledge about central nervous system anatomy/physiology in less than 7 minutes.

Source: Dr Bruce Forciea YouTube video

Additional Note: Central Nervous System Radiographic Pathology

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Source: SlideShare


What is stroke?
Global epidemiology of stroke?
How to react on stroke? FAST
Etiology of stroke?
5.40 minutes video

Source: YouTube


What is hydrocephalus?
Symptoms of hydrocephalus?
Diagnosis & Treatment of hydrocephalus?
Appearances on CT scan images?

2.28 minutes video

Source: YouTube

Chiari Malformation

3.44 minutes

Source: YouTube

Introduction of Seizures & Epilepsy

Baby got seizures/epilepsy:

Adult got seizure/epilepsy:

How to react on seizure/epilepsy:

Source: YouTube

free mobile apps related to CNS (android or iOs)

Source: Play Store & Apple Store