Patrick Henry: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

Patrick Henry: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

Author: Tara Neely

Compare/Contrast Author's Purpose of Thomas Paine vs. Patrick Henry.

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The Timeline Leading Colonists to War

As we know the colonists did not decide to separate from Britain over night, but what events caused the need for the break? Watch the videos below in order to see what events lead to the eventual war. Be certain to take notes in your interactive notebook as you watch each video. Perhaps create a timeline to help you understand when the events leading up to the Revolution. 

Boston Massacre: March 5, 1770

Source: history channel

Boston Tea Party: December 16, 1773

Source: history channel

Paul Revere: 1775

Source: history channel

Patrick Henry Speech Activity

Read, highlight, listen to Henry's speech... questions will be handed in to your teacher.

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Listening to the Speech

Patrick Henry spoke on that "cold day in March" without any previously written draft or hastily scratched notes in hand, but from his heart on the matter of war. It has been said that Patrick was a man to speak (sometimes longwindedly) on many topics in the form of public debate. 

The question before us is... Does hearing the speech (original indented form) differ in understanding that reading the speech. We have already read and analyzed his words which were complied from memory and bystander accounts. We know what he said would it matter how he said it? 

Lecture and Reading

Reenactment and Presentation of Patrick Henry's Speech March 1775

The video contains background information presented by "Patrick Henry" to the men of his small town. "Patrick" recounts his speech starting at about 7 minutes into the video. You may watch the entire video or begin at his speech.

Source: youtube

Walking Dead's Norman Reedus: excerpts from Liberty or Death

Just for interest...how is this reading different than the others?

Source: In this special edition of PODIUM's "Historic Speeches, Contemporary Voices" series, acclaimed actor Norman Reedus reads Patrick Henry's "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech.

Compare/Contrast: Common Sense and Liberty and Death

Complete the handout and come to class prepared to discuss or write a response.

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