Patriot Act - Personal Freedom v. Physical Security

Patriot Act - Personal Freedom v. Physical Security

Author: Beth Barsness
  1. Students will analyze the government’s dual role of protecting individual rights and providing physical security to the masses by participating in a fishbowl discussion.

Students will discuss and analyze the effects of the Patriot Act during the ongoing War on Terror.  The government has a dual role of protecting the rights of the individual as well as providing physical security to the country as a whole.  Students will participate in a “fishbowl” discussion to answer the following question:  Is the USA Patriot Act constitutional?

Length of time needed: 1-2 class periods (50 minutes each)

This lesson was written by Susan Smith.

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Lesson Plan

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Source: Susan Smith

Handouts and Materials

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Lesson Plan (Word document)

Fishbowl Discussion Questions (Word document)

Source: Susan Smith