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PBL and Virtual and in-person Collaboration

PBL and Virtual and in-person Collaboration

Author: Trisha Fyfe

In this lesson, you will review the UbD unit/lesson design template.

In this lesson, you will use the UbD template the the principles of PBL to develop a unit that requires students to collaborate both virtually and in-person.

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Source: Image of light bulb, Public Domain, http://tinyurl.com/p4pfjr7; Image for Learning, Public Domain, http://pixabay.com/en/home-distance-learning-courses-364179/

Notes on “PBL and Virtual and In-Person Collaboration”


(00:00- 00:25) Introduction/Objectives

(00:26- 01:36) Sample Learning Task for UbD and PBL Lesson

(01:37- 02:11) Sample Lesson Stage 1 of UbD

(02:12- 02:43) Sample Lesson Stage 2 of UbD

(02:44- 03:21) Sample Lesson Stage 3 of UbD

(03:22- 06:05) Review Stages of UbD/Reflect on Sample Lesson

(06:06- 08:15) Homework Assignment: Develop a PBL Unit Using UbD

(08:16- 08:35) Homework Assignment: Reflect on Unit Developed

(08:36- 09:09) Recap

(09:10- 09:55) Reflection 

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