2 Tutorials that teach PBL or Constructivist lesson development for a blended environment
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PBL or Constructivist lesson development for a blended environment

PBL or Constructivist lesson development for a blended environment

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson students will learn how to adapt a lesson for a blended environment steeped in the tenets of PBL or Constructivism

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Notes on “PBL or Constructivist Lesson Development For a Blended Environment”


(00:00-00:40) Introduction

(00:41-01:45) PBL, Constructivism, and Blended Learning Recap

(01:46-02:09) Marzano’s Lesson Design Question

(02:10-04:33) Blended Learning Reflection Examples

(04:34-05:48) Pedagogical Strategies

(05:49-06:10 ) Reflection

(06:11-06:54) Conclusion

Additional Resources

West Virginia Teach21 Project Based Learning

This site provides sample Problem Based Learning lesson plans from the West Virginia Department of Education. Click on your subject and grade to find examples that you may find useful in your implementation of PBL.

The PBL Superhighway... Over 45 Links to Great Project Based Learning

This post from Michael Gorman's blog, 21st Century Educational Technology and Learning, provides many useful links. In particular, The Learning Review is a link to fabulous Project Based Learning ideas, lesson plans, examples, and templates.

West Virginia Department of Education Problem Based Learning Lesson Plan Template

In addition to the PBL template, this site provides an overview of PBL and links to standards based lessons and units for your review.