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2 Tutorials that teach PDSA and Increasing student engagement
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PDSA and Increasing student engagement

PDSA and Increasing student engagement

Author: Katie Hou

In this lesson, you will apply the PDSA cycle of continuous improvement to increase student engagement and performance in the classroom.

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Notes on “PDSA and Increasing Student Engagement”


(00:00-00:17) Introduction

(00:18-01:02) PDSA overview

(01:03-02:30) PDSA and Technology

(02:31-04:28) Measuring Student Engagement

(04:29-04:48) Reflection

(04:49-05:19) Conclusion

Additional Resources

Launching CCI and PDSA

This site connects the PDSA cycle of improvement with student engagement in the classroom. In addition, the author provides practical applications of the PDSA cycle from a practitioner's perspective.

Module 5: Improvement Cycles

This comprehensive web page from the University of North Carolina offers a learning module for teachers to follow as they learn how to implement cycles of inquiry and improvement.