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People Who Changed the World

People Who Changed the World

Author: Valayne May
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100 People Who Changed the World

Fill in the Google Form and submit answers. You can come back to the form if you don't complete it in one sitting.

100 People Who Changed the World

Find a list of 100 people at the website below. Choose one person to read about and answer questions about using the following criteria:

If you last name begins with:

A or B - choose a person from #1 - 10

C or D - choose a person from #11 - 20

E, F, or G - choose a person from #21 - 30

H, I, or J - choose a person from #31 - 40

K or L - choose a person from #41 - 50

M or N - choose a person from #51 - 60

O or P - choose a person from #61 - 70

Q, R, or S - choose a person from #71 - 80

T or U - choose a person from #81 - 90

V, W, X, Y, or Z - choose a person from #91 - 100


When you have read about the person listed by clicking on their name from the link, fill out the attached Google From and press submit.

Source: biography online

People Who Changed the World

A short video about some people who have made a difference in the world.