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peptide sirna conjugation

peptide sirna conjugation

Author: Dynah Perry

peptide sirna conjugation

The ability of peptides to specifically interact with certain proteins on the cell surface due to specific elements in their tertiary structure is used for targeted delivery of siRNA. Peptide-siRNA Conjugation technology is to use peptides as a carrier of nucleic acids to bring short siRNA into the body, exert its gene silencing effect, and specifically silence the expression of target genes to achieve therapeutic purposes. Peptide-siRNA conjugate can avoid many shortcomings of siRNA, such as: instability, easy to be degraded, large molecular weight can not cross the cell membrane to reach the cell, etc. The technology of Peptide-siRNA Conjugation has attracted extensive attention from researchers in the fields of biotechnology and biomedicine. Peptide-siRNA Conjugation plays an important role in antisense therapy. Peptides in these materials target cells, uptake and endosome escape, and play an important role in the catalytic cleavage of intracellular RNA.

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