Perimeter Formulas

Perimeter Formulas

Author: Jenn Monshaugen

To teach students two formulas for determining the perimeter of a square or rectangle.

Created for a 4th grade classroom to review the two perimeter formulas.

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Perimeter Formulas!

Learning how to find the perimeter of an object is super easy. There are several different formulas and the video below illustrates two formulas.

The two formulas mentioned in the video are p=4s and p=2l + 2w. These formulas are used when finding the perimeter of a square or rectangle.

To find the perimeter of irregular shapes you must first determine the length of all sides. You can either add all sides together, or locate all the rectangles in the shape (crossing out measurements that do not apply)and then use the p=2l + 2w formula. Finally, add up the totals for each rectangle to find the total for the whole shape.

Polygon Perimeter

Formulas Video

This video describes how to use two formulas to find the perimeter of an object.

Source: Created by Jennifer Monshaugen using Educreations

Review Perimeter with this short Perimeter Quiz

Simple 5 question quiz to determine mastery of perimeter formulas. Answers are provided on each slide in audio format.

Perimeter Game

Practice perimeter for squares and rectangles by playing this fun online game.


Source: softschools.com