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Personal Narrative Unit Mentor Texts

Personal Narrative Unit Mentor Texts

Author: Kiauna Coleman

I own no rights to these books, recordings, audio, or video.  I am simply creating a database for my students to access in and outside of class for the Read Aloud books we use.  

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Thank You Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco

Saturdays and Teacakes by Lester Laminack

Night in the Country by Cynthiana Rylant

Peppe the Lamplight by Elisa Bartone

White Socks Only by Evelyn Coleman

Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street by Roni Schotter

Bigmama's by Donald Crews

The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Pollaco

Shortcut by Donald Crews

Mr. Lincoln's Way by Patricia Polacco

My Rotten, Redheaded Older Brother by Patricia Polacco

David Goes to School by David Shannon

When I was Young in the Mountains by Cynthia Rylant

Fireflies by Julie Brinckloe