Personal Narrative Writing

Personal Narrative Writing

Author: Dawna Wright
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Introduction to Psychology

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Crafting Titles

Using an Editing Checklist

Developing the Heart of the Story

Writintg in Passages of Thought


Revising Endings

Time Line Part 2

Using a Timeline to Further Your Story

Writing Leads

Digging Deeper for Meaning

Choosing a Seed Idea

Building Stories Step by Step

The Writer's Job in a Conference

Sensory Details: Smell

Sensory Details: Sight

Sensory Details: Sound and Touch

Qualities of Effective Narrative Writing_Seeds vs Watermelons

Watermelon vs Seed

Remember that it is the TOPIC that determines whether or not it is a seed of watermelon.  NOT the length of the entry.

Generating Ideas about Emotions

Generating Ideas about Places

Generating Ideas about People

Why Do Writer's Write?

Why Writers Keep a Writer's Notebook (1)