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Personal Safety

Personal Safety

Author: Ana Garza

Informational site to encourage and teach personal safety tactics for middle schoolers.

Following ASCA Standard: B-SMS 9. Demonstrate personal safety skills

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Instructions! *READ ME FIRST*

Hello Students! Welcome to your lesson on Personal Safety. Below you will find several links to guide you and teach you (maybe make you a little paranoid too!) about keeping yourself safe in many situations. 

Follow each link to its website or video; thoroughly view and interact with each site; take the quiz on the right when you are done. 

FINALLY, when you are done with the multiple choice quiz, on a separate sheet of paper answer the following questions in a one page paper:

 Reflection: Do you think this information is overwhelming, or necessary and useful? Elaborate How do you feel about everything you have learned? What is the most surprising thing you learned about personal safety? 2. List at least two things you will use from the information you learned. 

You will turn this paper in when I see you next week. 

Military Tips for Personal Safety

View the Slide Show and then Read the tips that theUS Military gives for personal safety to students your age! 

You Gotta Take Care of YOU!

Learn about all about your personal safety

Safe Web Surfing