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Personalization and Genius Hour

Personalization and Genius Hour

Author: Ashley Sweatt

In this lesson you will learn about Genuis Hour and 20% time as a personalization strategy

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Notes on "Personalization and Genius Hour"


(00:00 - 00:08) Introduction

(00:09 - 00:33) What will you learn today?

(00:34 - 00:51) What is Genius Hour?

(00:52 - 01:21) Where did it begin?

(01:22- 01:35) What does this look like for students?

(01:36 - 02:21) What are the benefits of Genius Hour?

(02:22 - 03:23) What do Genius Hour and personalization have in common?

(03:24 – 04:01) How can you apply this to your classroom?

(04:02 – 04:55) What did we learn today?

(04:56 – 05:00) Closing

Additional Resources

What is Genius Hour?

This website provides an overview of Genius Hour, why to use it, and how it encourages personalized learning. Scroll down to the video to see how to implement Genius Hour in your classroom. Scroll down further and click on the links to learn about the Genius Hour process for implementation.

Genius Hour is Personalized Learning 

This blog entry connects personalized learning to Genius Hour through the author's experiences as a teacher. The author emphasizes that Genius Hour increases student motivation, and he highlights a video from Daniel Pink on student engagement and motivation.