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Personalized Classroom

Personalized Classroom

Author: Ashley Sweatt

This lesson explains what a personalized classroom looks like in terms of instruction, technology, learning envioronment, assignments, and assessments.

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Source: Image of laptop, Public Domain, http://mrg.bz/Sz4a0Z Image of classroom, Public Domain, http://mrg.bz/7ytdD7

Notes on "Personalized Classroom"


(00:00 - 00:10) Introduction

(00:11 - 00:36) What Will You Learn Today?

(00:37 - 01:40) What Are the Main Elements of Instruction in Personalized Learning?

(01:41 - 02:14) What Are the Key Features of Technology?

(02:15 - 02:49) What Does the Learning Environment Look Like?

(02:50 - 04:37) What Do Assignments and Assessments Look Like?

(04:38 - 05:34) What Did You Learn Today?

(05:35 - 06:07) Reflection

Additional Resources

What Does Personalized Learning Really Look Like?

This article provides a high level overview of personalized learning and offers some examples to illustrate personalization in action. There are three useful links within the article that you may want to explore: student learning paths, the evolving role of the teacher, and concepts behind personalized learning.

Mean What You Say: Defining and Integrating Personalized, Blended and Competency Education

This is a comprehensive overview of personalized learning, blended learning, and competency based education. This report breaks down personalized learning into three categories and explains how to accomplish each in your setting: personalized learning, personalized learning in the blended learning environment, and personalization support by competencies. In addition, there is a helpful section called "How Standards Fit into Personalized, Blended
and Competency Education."