Personalized Learning 101: Pre-Learning

Personalized Learning 101: Pre-Learning

Author: Heather Cox

Gain basic knowledge for introductory session on personalized learning.

This tutorial is designed to prepare learners for their PLU course on personalized learning.

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Welcome to Personalized Learning 101!

Prior to our first face-to-face session on October 20th please do the following to complete your pre-learning:

1. Watch the videos provided below

2. Answer the question at the bottom of the page

3. Take the quiz to the right

Edu-Sketch: Personalized Learning

Technology Integration Matrix

The Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) can be used in conjunction with your Common Core/GPS standards and ISTE standards as you plan your lessons.

Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) and TIM Tools Introduction

Around minute 7:00, he begins discussing the TIM Classroom Observation Tool. FCS has purchased this tool to assess the level of technology integration occurring in classrooms across the district.

TIM Examples

TIM Examples

Please explore the website www.mytechmatrix.org

and then choose one of the following tasks:


1. Watch TIM K-2 Examples from www.mytechmatrix.org

(please click on both links below to see the difference in an Entry Level TIM lesson and a Transformational Level TIM lesson)

Entry Level Literacy Skills:


Transformational Level Literacy Skills:



2. Watch TIM 3-5 Examples from www.mytechmatrix.org 

(please click on both links below to see the difference in an Entry Level TIM lesson and a Transformational Level TIM lesson)

Entry Level Fractions Review:


Transformational Level Fraction/Decimal Review:


Final Pre-Learning Task

1. Answer the question below

2. Complete the quiz at the top of the page

See you on October 20th!