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Pharmacy Basics

Pharmacy Basics

Author: Sophia Tutorial

Greet a Spanish-speaking patient and ask basic questions.

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn more pharmacy-specific terminology in Spanish that you can use to communicate with patients. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. Los Básicos De La Farmacia (Some Rx Basics)

1. Los Básicos De La Farmacia (Some Rx Basics)

You will be learning more about explaining directions, warnings, side effects, names of medications, etc. in later lessons. Here, you’ll learn some very basic information to get you started.

English Spanish Pronunciation
bottle la botella la bow-tay-yah
childproof lid la tapa a prueba de los niños la tah-pa ah proo-ay-bah day lohs neen-yohs
easy-open lid la tapa que abre fácilmente la tah-pa kay ah-bray fah-seel-main-tay
container el envase ale ain-bah-say
entrance la entrada la ain-trah-dah
exit la salida la sah-lee-dah
form la forma la for-ma
generic drug la medicina genérica la may-dee-see-nah hay-nay-ree-kah
generic form of… la forma genérica de… la for-ma hay-nay-ree-kah day
juice el jugo ale hoo-go
milk la leche la lay-chay
label (on the bottle) la etiqueta la ay-tee-kay-tah
name-brand drug la medicina de marca registrada la may-dee-see-nah day mar-kah ray-he-strah-dah
new prescription la receta nueva la ray-say-tah noo-ay-bah
refill el surtido ale sewer-tee-doe
overdose una dosis excesiva oo-nah doe-sees ay-say-see-bah
poisoning un envenenamiento /
una intoxicación
oon ain-bay-nay-nah-me-ain-toe /
oo-nah een-toke-see-kah-see-own
Prescription information sheet (about the medicine) la hoja de información sobre
(la medicina)
la oh-ha day een-for-ma-see-own so-bray
(la may-dee-see-nah)
restroom el aseo / el baño /
las facilidades / los servicios
ale ah-say-oh / ale bahn-yo /
lahs fa-see-lee-dah-dace / lohs sair-bee-see-ohs
telephone (cell phone) el teléfono (celular) ale tay-lay-fo-no (say-loo-lar)

In this lesson, you learned some pharmacy basics in Spanish. This vocabulary provides an important foundation, as the later lessons in this course will teach you how to discuss different types of medication and symptoms. These lessons are meant to be very comprehensive so that you can use them as a reference in your profession.

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