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This course will allow the student to understand that speech is made up of a series of individual sounds, or phonemes, and that the individual sounds can be manipulated.  A phonemically aware child can segment and blend strings of isolated sounds to form words, recognize and manipulate larger units of sound, and help with understanding the content of speech to the form of speech.

This course will provide direct instruction in phonemic awareness to help children decode new words and remember how to read familiar words. Growth and improvement in phonemic awareness can be facilitated through instruction and practice in phonemic awareness in tasks such as:

Phoneme Isolation

Phoneme Matching

Phoneme Blending

Phoneme Segmentation

Phoneme Deletion

Phoneme Addition

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Phoneme Addition

Phoneme Addition requires the identification of a word when a phoneme is added. For example, "Say row with /g/ at the beginning." (grow)