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Photosynthesis Equation

Photosynthesis Equation

Author: Ana Mumford

NGSS- STANDARD HS-LS1-5- Use a model to illustrate how photosynthesis transforms light energy into stored chemical energy.

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Step 1: Watch preview of photosynthesis video.

Step 2: Watch chemical reaction of photosynthesis video.

Step 3: Read article What is Photosynthesis.  

Step 4: Complete Sophia quiz (located on this website).

Step 5: In one Paragraph (3-5 sentences) answer the question posted on poll everywhere.

Assignment must be completed by Friday, March 1st (11:59PM)

Preview of Photosynthesis

Source: Next Vista for Learning. Science: Photosynthesis.

Article of Photosynthesis

Source: Vidyasagar, Aparna. October 15, 2018. Live Science Contributor. What is Photosynthesis?