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Author: Erica Szwalek

At the end of this unit, I will be able to explain how the sun supplies living things with energy, describe the sequential process of photosynthesis, and compare the two-part process of respiration to photosynthesis using guided notes, and tutorial information. 

These lessons are designed to increase student understanding of Photosynthesis and Respiration, and the importance of these processes on living things.  Students will have the ability to view Powerpoint slides, take guided notes, listen and view a Youtube video, assess themselves, and create a Venn diagram to compare the steps of the energy processes.  

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Photosynthesis Song - You will be singing it all night....

Watch this video on the basic process of Photosynthesis. It has a catchy tune and animated person to keep you entertained. Summarize the topic, with four (4) key points. Finally ask two (2) questions that you would still like to know about as we continue to learn about photosynthesis .........everyone can do it la la la....

Source: YouTube

Photosynthesis Guided Notes

Students will complete the guided notes packet as the photosynthesis powerpoint is presented.

Source: Powerpoint

Photosynthesis Slides - Teacher Edition

View the Powerpoint slides to complete the student guided note packet, which will complete your notes for you.

Source: Power

It's Meeeeee - Ms. Szwalek - I'm in your home.... Let's talk about respiration

This voice recording of your favorite science teacher will guide you through learning about respiration. You will need your Cells and Heredity Text book, and pages 50-52 to create your notes and Venn diagram. Bring the notes and Diagram to class so we can continue to work together.

Source: Yours Truly, and

Cellular Respiration powerpoint notes

Now that you have taken your own notes, view this Powerpoint on Respiration, and compare your notes. If you need to add notes, then go right ahead. Then add anything else to your Venn diagram.When your done, be sure to complete the quiz questions. There are only eight, so be sure to review everything on this flip, and all of your notes to ensure a 100%. Good Luck!

Source: Powerpoint