Phylogenies and Cladograms

Phylogenies and Cladograms

Author: Anna Myers

To complete your independent work,

1. Answer the "What Do I Already Know?" questions on a separate piece of paper.

2. Watch these videos:

CHSBiomonsters: Introduction to Phylogeny and Cladograms

Bozeman Science: Cladograms

3. On a separate piece of paper, answer the "What Am I Learning?" questions.

4. Complete the "Cladogram Challenge."

5. Please write down 3 questions. You may ask them in class or email them to me. If you choose to email, your questions will be answered during class, but your name won’t be shared with the group!

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What Do I Already Know?

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Source: CHSBiomonsters: Introduction to Phylogeny and Cladograms

Source: Bozeman Science: Cladograms

What Am I Learning?

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Cladogram Challenge