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Phylum Echinodermata: Sea Stars, Urchins, Sea Cucumbers and More

Phylum Echinodermata: Sea Stars, Urchins, Sea Cucumbers and More

Author: Renee Haugen

Students will describe the unique characteristics of echinoderms, including common physical characteristics, feeding, respiration, and reproductive strategies, and adaptations that allow them to survive in their environments.

A study guide worksheet on echinoderms can be completed using video, online textbook, paper textbook, and online dissection and images.

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Echinoderms Study Guide

This study guide can be completed using the video, textbook, or other sources accessible in this lesson.


Source: Renee Haugen

Biology of Echinoderms - mp4 Movie

This video is an mp4 file. It should work on any Apple computer, phone, or iPod. If this doesn't work, try the quicktime (.mov) version below.

Source: BioMedia Associates

Biology of Echinoderms - Quicktime Movie

Quicktime version of the Echinoderm video in case the mp4 version will not play for you.

Source: BioMedia Associates/

CK-12 Textbook: Echinoderms


Marine Biology Textbook


Source: Marine Biology, 6th Edition. Castro and Huber, McGraw-Hill.

Digital Sea Urchin Images

Source: State University of New York, University of Buffalo Library

Invasion Down Under: When Sea Stars Attack


Location, Location, Location: A Symbiotic Relationship Between a Pearlfish and a Sea Cucumber


Google Docs Quiz

Take the quiz; the results will come to the teacher's Google account. See the teacher when finished to get your results.

Source: Renee Haugen