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Physical Education

Physical Education

Author: tony meyers



The objective of this packet is to inform Physical Educators about this good resource.


Kids build up to sports by learning about them through physical education.  If they don't have a good building block of physical education then they will be behind when they try to play sports.  Not only is this a building block for sports but this is a step for a healthy life.  Kids learn through there physical education classes how to live an active life.  Physical education gives them a chance to learn diffeent activities and gives them a break during the day to be active and release some of the energy that they have built up.  The reason physical education has been getting a bad rep is because of teachers who just role balls out and tell them to run around why they read a paper.  This is the reason that a lot of places are cancelling the physical education program.  There needs to be a structured curriculum that physical education teachers follow, and that's what this website can do. 

This website offers some great options for educators to be able to find easy curriculum to follow for the whole semester.  Its a site that is free but you do need to sign up for it and be accepted but only takes about a day to register.  This is a very beneficial and new website that not many professionals know about.

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Physical Education Campaign

Here is a video explaining why physical education is important. This was a school district that was thinking about cancelling the program. Without Physical Education then who will be there to teach kids how to be active and stay healthy.


Physical education

You can choose from multiple age groups to better specify what information you are looking for.  If you are looking for a younger age group then those lesson plans might be more of teaching kids how to do an activity.  When you get to the older ages it will be more activities that are for teaching kids different things to keep them physically active and tools they can use for the rest of their lives.



You can choose from a lot of categories of which lesson plan you would like to view.  Whether you want to cover a sport or just want to find a fun activity that you can try with your kids.  This is a great way to find ideas that you have never thought of before.  These lesson plans dont just give you activities to do they teach you the proper mechanics that you will need to complete them.  If you are weak in the area of dancing then it will help teach you those techniques so you can teach them to the students.

Uploading files

If you feel like you have a good lesson plan that you would like to share with others then you can upload it to the site.  This is a great way to provide  professionals with a way to get their lesson plans out to others so that they can provide kids with the best experience in physical education.