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Physical Education

Physical Education

Author: Kingsley Borba

Physical Education High School Course 2 Standard:

1.4 - Explain and demonstrate advanced offensive, defensive, and transition strategies and tactics in combative, gymnastic/tumbling, and team activities.


Students will be able to list the two types of defensive strategies in basketball and why they are important on an exit ticket by the end of the lesson.

Understanding defensive strategies is a very important aspect to understanding the game of basketball.  Learning the basics will help people understand how the game of basketball works and it helps people understand how to coach against particular situations.

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Zone Defense

A description of what a zone defense is in basketball.

2-3 Zone Defense

The most used basic basketball zone defense is the 2-3 defense. Here is a video explaining the fundamental principles of this type of defensive tactic.

2-3 Zone Defense

Areas to cover by each player in the 2-3 zone defense.

Description of the basic 3-2 zone defense.

Man-to-Man Defense

The key fundamental principles in basketball man-to-man defense.


Based on the tutorial on basketball defenses, type a half page paper (Times New Roman, 12 font, single spaced) comparing and contrasting man-to-man and zone defense in basketball.  In what scenarios is one defense better than the other, provide your own examples. 

When you are done with the assignment you will email it to me at