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Physical Education

Physical Education

Author: Brad Avila

Standard 4.4: Identify and Apply Basic principles in weight/resistance training and safety practices.

Objective: Students will be able to Identify and Apply basic principles in weight/resistance training  and safety practices by viewing Sophia website and taking quiz.  

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The Big 3 (Weight Training Exercises)

Proper Squat Technique

Source: Buffdudes. "How to Perform the Squat - Proper Squats Form & Technique." YouTube. YouTube, 2013. Web. 09 May 2016. .

Proper Dead Lift Technique

Source: Buffdudes. "How to Perform the Deadlift - Proper Deadlift Technique & Form." YouTube. YouTube, 2013. Web. 09 May 2016.

Safety First

Source: Safety First. Digital image. Web. .

The Big Question???

Why is it Important to have perfect technique and follow the proper safety practices in the weight room?

Answer on below.