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Physical Education by Jason Walkup

Physical Education by Jason Walkup

Author: jason walkup

Welcome to Mr. Walkup's PE class. On this page you will be able to stay current on everything we covered in class. If you are absent it is a great way to stay on track.

Squat Clinic:

4.4 Identify and apply basic principles in weight/resistance training and safety practices.

Student will be able to identify the importance and proper technique associated with the air squat.

Teamwork has been covered and is simply being reviewed.

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Quiz & Page Instructions

Please make sure you view all of the resources before taking the quiz. The information presented on this page will present all the information needed to pass this quiz and be successful in my class. Make sure you read the questions carefully and select the answer. Squats are a fundamental exercise and movement. We will continue to cover the squat and move forward with our team handball unit.

Squat Clinic


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Teamwork in PE

Squats can help you become better athletes. Our fitness components are important but don't forget about teamwork and our next sports unit!

Squat Challenge

We will do this in class but CHALLENGE yourself and try it at home. Get your whole family involved! =)

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Baby's can do it... can you?

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Squat Lesson

Class Squat Lesson


Professional athlete demonstrating the air squat

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