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Physical Education Central

Physical Education Central

Author: tony meyers

The objective of this packet is to inform Physical Educators on a website that can help give them ideas on how to make their PE class better.

Physical Education is an important part in schools and needs to be kept around.  In the past you had the class more focused on competing in sports and teaching kids how to do those sports.  Today the focus has shifted to more worrying about teaching kids healthy habbits so they will have the habits instilled in them.  They want kids to make the right choice and decide to keep that active life style even when they get done with taking the physical educaton class.  While you have them in class you want to help improve their physical fitness, as well as find ways to make them enjoy doing physical activities so they will continue on doing them.  If kids arent having fun with it then they will not keep doing activities later on in life.  You also want to teach them the right ways to do the activities so that they canmake sure they have the right techniques and fundamentals.  You want to teach them the link between physical exercise and the physical health issues that are associated with not doing physical activity. 

There are many benefits that doing physical education will have on kids.  The first benefit is that it increases the kids physical fitness level.  Another benefit would be that it gives kids an increased mood and attention level for when they go back to classes.  This is a way that physical education benefits kids in the rest of their classes because it helps break up the monotony of non stop classes so the kids will be re-energized.  The last benefit im going to talk about is the boost to self esteem that kids get and also working on team work and sportsmanshp.  These are very important lessons that will help carry them through the rest of their lives.

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Importance of physical education

This video shows how it is important to get kids involved in physical education and create an environment where they can improve their fitness level. It also talks about how obesity is becoming an epidemic and physical education is a way to help improve this.


Active Gaming

Something that can be done since kids are really into all of the video games and gaming system would be to have some activities involving those.  An example would be to use dance dance revolution like in this picture to help kids learn that you can stay activity even with doing gaming.  Some other gaming systems would be the WII and xbox kinnect to start doing different activities to help stay fit.


This website provides great lesson plan ideas for physical education teachers to utilize.  You can search specific ideas that you would have whether that be basketball or if you just want something to work their fitness.  You can even find games that are designed specifically for team work.  It is important to provide activites that the kids can have fun doing so they enjoy coming back to class and want to keep doing the activity even when the class is over.