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Physical Science - Climates Around the World

Physical Science - Climates Around the World

Author: Rachel Greene

Grade Level: 3rd Grade

Content Standard: 3-ESS2-2: Obtain and combine information to describe climates in different regions of the world.

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Directions for Tutorial

Interact with each media file, review the information, and then complete the quiz.  After you finish the quiz click on the Google Form link to answer the Big Ideas question.

What exactly is climate?

Visit Britannica for Kids to find out more about what a climate is and what things impact climate regions.  

National Geographic - Interactive Map

Check out this interactive map and review the climate zones around the world.  Look at the different continents and find where different climate zones are located using the color-coded legend.

Find the climate zone (region) that you live in.

YouTube Video - Climate and Vegetation Zones

Watch this video. It will provide you with more information on four of the Earth's major climate zones.

National Geographic - Climate Zones Slide Show

Review this slide show of climate zones from the National Geographic website.  The images and captions provide a visual peek into different climate regions around the world. 

Note: Skip over slide #2 because it has information not covered in this lesson.

Google Form - Big Ideas Question

Answer this Google Form question after reviewing the tutorial media and completing the tutorial quiz.