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Physical Space in a Blended Learning Environment

Physical Space in a Blended Learning Environment


This lesson provides the students with the ability to conduct an environmental scan of the physical space and classroom configuration within the teaching environment for a blended learning approach

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Notes on "Physical Space in a Blended Learning Environment"

(00:00-00:27) Intro

(00:28-00:44) Objectives

(00:45-03:50) Classroom Environment Case Study

(03:51-07:13) Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Curriculum

(07:14-09:41) Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Space

(09:42-09:56) Review

(09:57-10:36) Reflection

Additional Resources

Setting up blended learning environments in the classroom

This resource from Charles Sturt University helps educators consider how to design the educational space for blended learning. Included in the site are videos and resources to guide planning for a 21st century learning environment.

Case Study from the University of Edinburgh

How can learning spaces be developed to echo the constructivist learning paradigm? This case study walks through the redesign of learning spaces (including images from those spaces), and demonstrates how teaching and learning changed as a result to fit a more constructivist paradigm.

Scholastic Website

The class setup tool is a free tool that allows teachers to design their classroom by moving virtual models. Basically, this tool enables teachers to consider the impact on their learning spaces virtually before committing to a particular structure.***********/