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Picture Editing in Adobe Photoshop CS2

Picture Editing in Adobe Photoshop CS2

Author: Stephen Rao

Students will use videos from YouTube to learn Adobe Photoshop CS2 tools. After watching the tutorials, students will come into class and successfully complete each task.

Adobe Photoshop is used in many industries. As students take on jobs and careers, they may use Photoshop in advertising and other fields. Photographers also use Photoshop to clean up pictures that have taken. Over the next week, students will review these videos to learn how to use specific tools in the program. As they come into class, they will use the knowledge to achieve the same outcome that was shown in the videos. The students will use the following Marzano scale to show that they have achieved their goal.

4.You have mastered the skill where you can teach a friend.
3. You understand how to use the tool and you complete the lesson.
2. You are having difficulty with the lesson and may have a few questions.
1. You have many questions regarding the lesson and you are unsure how to use the skills that were shown.

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Picture Editing

The next few tutorials will show you how to edit pictures in Adobe Photoshop CS2. You will review these videos and then once you are in class, you will be given the same pictures. Please review each video the day prior to the lesson we will be using the video for.

Monday- PNG creation

In this quick video, you will see how to create a Portable Network Graphic (PNG). You will learn how to remove the background.

Tuesday- Clone Tool

Review this quick tutorial to learn the basics of the clone tool.

Wednesday- Photobomb Cat

In this video, you will see how to remove that pesky cat from the amazing picture!

Thursday/Friday- Remove The Bird!

In this final lesson, you will have two days (Thursday and Friday) to remove the bird that flew right in front of the camera!




You have completed the first step in becoming a Photoshop Pro. Think about the many ways that you could use Photoshop. What jobs may require the use of Photoshop.