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Pig the winner

Pig the winner

Author: Ariel Campbell
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Lesson plan

Teacher Name: Ariel Campbell

Grade Level: 3rd 

Big Idea (Central focus): Writing about a real or imagined experience using effective techniques.

Content Standard:W.3.3 Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.

RL.3.3 Describe characters in a story and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events.

Student Objective/goal:  Is to write about t a real or imagined experience using effective techniques.

“I can” statement: I can use the characters’ actions to help me understand what happens in the story. I can describe what the characters do. I can describe how characters feel. I can describe what characters are like.

I can write a story about something that has happened. I can use words to describe the characters and setting in my story. I can show changes in time by using temporal words and phrases.

Focus and Review (Launch): We have already discussed character traits. “Over the last couple of days we have been looking at characters in a story.”  “ We explain their actions and how they contribute to the events that happen.”  “When you hear me reading these books do you start observing the main character?” “ Do you look for what characteristics they have? ( Kind, loyal, hard-worker, friendly, sore loser )”  “What are some characteristics you see in yourself ?” ( Have the student write down a couple of characteristics on their personal white board.)  “We read the book  Wretched Stone by Chris Van Allsburg yesterday. Does anyone remember what are some of the characteristics that some of the characters had?” “ What happened to them?” “How does the crew change from the beginning to the middle to the end?” “What happens to make them change?"

Teacher Input & Guided Practice (Instruction): 

Today we are going to be reading Pig the Winner. “ I would like you to pay attention to Pig (A pug dog ) and see if you can determine what his characteristics are?”  I will be modeling think aloud and asking questions as I go.“I wonder why Pig wants to win all the time?” “How do you think Pigs friends felt?” “What do you think of Pig?” “Why do you think Pig wants to win all the time?” “Do you think Pig is concerned about others?” “Have you ever met anyone like Pig?”  “ Would you want to be like Pig (A Pug dog) ?” “What character would you like to be that is in the book?” “ Now that we have read the book “Pig the Winner” we are going to write about an experience that you might have had with someone like Pig.” “Before we start writing we are going to talk about a couple of things.” “ Before we get started on our writing I would like to go over some words you can use when writing.” ( ( Go over theses words and explain how to use them in a paragraph.) “I will leave these words on the board for you to refer back to as you are writing.” “You should start you paper with an opening.” “You should start with something such as. I am going to tell you a story about a time. You need to start your paper with a eye catching start. In doing this you will catch your readers attention.” “ When you finish with your eye catching start you should then continue with transition words. Some of these word are first, second, third, afterwards, as soon as, etc.” “There are many of these words. Lets continue to apply  some of these transition words into our writing.” “ When we write about events that have happened we need to use linking words.” “Lets analyze a paper that a student wrote, so that you can get an understanding of how you should write your paper .” ( Show example of paper) ( (Use The Haunted House on pg. 33 4th grade) ( Use active inspire app to highlight the transition words this student uses) “As we are looking through this students writing think about how you are going to create your paper.” “ Do you see how she grabs your attention. You need to open your paper with a mini outline of what it is going to be about.”  “In the second paragraph do you see how this student started with one day. This is one of those transition words.” “ When writing you need to have a main idea, and then you need to have key details. You need them so the reader can visualize what is going on as they read your story.” “For example, if I was writing a book using sentences such as; I am going to my car, and this is all I put. What would you think? You would be asking why did you go to your car. This is why we need key details so we don’t ask why did she go to her car. We would know why. When writing we need to make sure we are giving our readers the details, so they can understand our story and visualize what they are reading.”  ( Organized worksheet. 

Guided and Independent Practice (Structured practice and application):

 “ Once you get your organized worksheet. You should go ahead and start thinking about your introduction. You don’t have to write your whole paper on this organized worksheet. This worksheet is for you to summarize your ideas. You just need to put your idea on this paper. Once you finish your organized worksheet, then you should begin on writing your rough draft.” ( I will be walking around the room during this time reading their ideas. I will also be guiding them on their journey with their rough draft. I will help students who get stuck while writing.)

Closure and Review:  I know some of you are still working on your writing. I will give you time to finish it later. I just want to go over a few thing before we move on to our next lesson. I want you to keep in mind what we learned today about how to begin a story using eye catching phrase, and how we use transitioning words to go from one thought to another. Now I am going to give you a review activity. “ You will be doing a character trait worksheet. You nee to do character traits from the wretched stone book and Pig the Winner book. You also need to give evidence from the text to support your answer.”

Materials & Resources:

How will you help your students who need support and / assistance?

I would pull a small group of these student around my desk. I would work with them on their specific need. 

If this lesson doesn’t go as planned, what could you do differently?

I would find some more books to read to give them addition exposer and practice with understanding character traits and writing. 

Review items I, II, III, and IV. HIGHLIGHT all Blooms’ verbs you utilized in your lesson.

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