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Pill bug behavior investigation

Pill bug behavior investigation

Author: Michael Steger

Students investigate pill bug behavior following procedures and questions developed with lab partner.  Following the investigation template, groups record results and reflect on learning.  This investigation (part 2) is intended to follow a "getting to know you" activity (part 1).

This investigation is intended to follow a "getting to know you" activity students previously completed in which pill bugs were introduced and examined.  

The conclusion of investigation is done individually after working groups (lab partners) determine which variables (qualitative and/or quantitative) to measure. The portion of the investigation done prior to the conclusion is peer reviewed with a rubric.

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Pill bug Part 2 overview

A brief description of the variables that can be changed for part 2 of the investigation. Emphasis is on students choosing one variable to change that affects pill bug behavior and being able to measure that change. Quantitative or qualitative (numbers or qualities) observations are focused on.

Pll bug introduction, Part 1

Exploration/introduction of pill bug behavior. Student activity when first using pill bugs.


Student created investigation into pill bug behavior, part 2.

Part 2 asks students to create an investigation where they control a variable that shows measurable changes in pill bug behavior. This handout is to help you focus your ideas and gather data.


Student Lab/Investigation template

For science investigations follow the guidelines given in the template.


Scoring rubric for pill bug lab.