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Pink and Say Language Arts book study

Pink and Say Language Arts book study

Author: Sharon Mayer

Teaching/Learning Activities

Tuesday: Introduce the spelling/vocabulary words for this week. They are given time to find the definitions for the list and take notes for future discussions. The spelling test is on Friday and the vocabulary test will be the following Friday. Then, we continued the Pink and Say project with reading more of the story, discussing the sequencing and cause/effect scenarios as a class, working in small groups to research why Lincoln was so important to Pink and Say that caused them to use the phrase “touch the hand that touched the hand of Lincoln”, and writing a journal entry of how Say felt while he lay in the field in the beginning of the story.

Wednesday: The read aloud was continued for the next few pages until the main characters were at the entrance to Andersonville. Students were asked to write an ending prediction using their knowledge of the story to decide what was likely to happen and show proof from the story as to why their prediction makes sense. Literary circle student group facilitated discussions were held today to go over the assigned vocabulary words and phrases so they are ready to for the vocabulary test on Friday.

Thursday: We finished the read aloud portion of the study today. A powerpoint was shown and research was conducted for a deeper understanding of the Andersonville camp the main characters were taken to. Discussion was held to see if their ending predictions were accurate and why or why not.The students were directed to the web site to create their timelines showing sequencing understanding of the book Pink and Say.

Friday: The vocabulary test was given for the Pink and Say project. The students were also given a generic 6th grade spelling test today that consisted of the words they received on Tuesday. Students were given the assignment to create a script to present to the class on one of the scenes from the book Pink and Say. The script would include dialogue, show comprehension of the scene, and use creativity to bring it to life. They would present before the end of the Language Arts time. This was also a way for them to practice working in small groups with people in a quick manner to accomplish a task.

Success Criteria/Assessment

spelling test for 6th grade words, vocabulary test for Pink and Say, journal writings, participation in group project script presentation for Pink and Say, completion of timeline for Pink and Say on

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