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Pinterest - Technology Integration Professional Development Presentation

Pinterest - Technology Integration Professional Development Presentation

Author: Sarah Deringer

I can use Pinterest in my classroom by creating boards and pinning items that relate to what I'm teaching.

I can use Pinterest to collaborate with other teachers by creating and using group boards to share items and information about topics.

Welcome to the Pinterest Professional Development Module. In order to complete the module, follow the directions below.

1. Click on What is Pinterest? and read the information.
2. Click on Pinterest PowerPoint to watch a PowerPoint on Pinterest and the benefits of using it.

3. Click on How To Use Pinterest and read the information.

4. Create a Pinterest account. 

5. Follow my LIS 647 Pinterest Board, and email me at that you would like to join the board. After doing so, I will invite you to join the group board. 

6. Join the group board, and pin at least 2 pins to the board. 

7. Click and read Ways to Use Pinterest In the Library.

8. Click on the survey link to complete a quick assessment. 

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What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media tool for curating content. Do you wish you could save that article, picture, or video online? Do you hate forgetting where you saw that yummy-looking recipe online? Now, you can save them with Pinterest!

That means:

You can save your favorite recipes, websites, pictures, blog entries, and anything else on the web to your own Pinterest page. Each saved item is called a "pin." 
You can organize the curated content on Pinterest boards. 
You can also follow other people's boards to see what they're "pinning." 
You can join Group Boards, where multiple people work to curate content on a board. 
You can comment on, like, or re-pin other people's pins. 
You can even create three secret boards that are view-able only to you, so you can secretly plan your dream wedding even if you're no where near getting married and no one can judge you!

Libraries, in academic, school, and public settings, have been adopting Pinterest as a way to market to their social audiences. "A library can also attract users through pinning pictures of library events, lib-guides, the libraries top picks, and other services," (Szkolar, 2012).

Szkolar, D. (2012, May). Pinterest: A New Social Media Opportunity for Libraries. Syracuse University: School of Information Studies. Retrieved from 

Pinterest PowerPoint Slides


How to Use Pinterest

1. Go to

2. Choose whether you will sign up for Pinterest using your Facebook account or your email address.
3. Fill out your profile and create your user settings.
4. Choose a person or board to follow.

5. Create a board.

6. Add a pin (via upload a pin, or via a website).

7. Join or create a Group board.

8. Invite others to join your Group Board. To do so, you must be following them or one of their boards.

Ways To Use Pinterest In the Library

How can you get started using Pinterest at your library? There are billions of ideas!

Find inspirational ideas
Create a "Books I want to Read" or "Books I have Read" Board
Gallery of student projects 
Collection of Web 2.0 tools
Share new books, videos, and resources that the library has to offer
So much more! (Gilstrap, C. & Pangburn, M., 2012)
Visual Subject guides
Teach proper citation and ethical use
Diagrams to commonly asked questions
Much more! (Murphy, J., 2012)

A few ideas I came up with for using Pinterest in the classroom include: 

Create theme boards after reading a book. If there is clothing or a picture that reminds you (or your student) of what you read in a book, add it to a board. For example, you could put certain styles of dresses in a board for Pride and Prejudice.
Compile a board full of tutorials about a particular subject. For example, I collect tutorials on Photoshop and Photography.
Market library events. For example, many libraries pin posters for events they're having at the library. If they have a movie night, they show a pin of their movie night poster and include a description of when the event is happening.

Pinners to Follow On Pinterest: A List To Get You Started


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The Survey

Please fill out this survey when finished with the learning module. Thank you!