Place Value

Place Value

Author: Heidi Santos

Third Grade

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Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal numbers tell about order or position. In this video, students will learn the difference between cardinal and ordinal numbers.

Introduction to Place Value

In this video, you will not only learn WHY we use place value, you will also be able to see just how much each place is worth!

Reading & Writing Numbers

In this video, you will learn how to read and write numbers with up to 6 digits.

Place Value Forms - Expanded Form

This video reviews the 4 ways we can represent numbers: standard form, number form, block form, and expanded form. Since the first three forms have been discussed in previous videos, this video mainly focuses on reading and writing numbers in expanded form.

Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Learn what steps to take when you compare numbers. Also, learn a few tips for placing numbers in order.