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Place Value Activity: Build A Number

Place Value Activity: Build A Number

Author: julie miller

The learner will use place value to create #'s according to specific criteria.

In this activity students arrange digit carts to build a number to satisfy the criteria. Possible criteria : build the largest number you can, build the smallest number you can, build a number less than 500, etc... To extend this activity have student in each group order their group #'s from greatest to least  or least to greatest. 

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Place Value Activity: Build A Number

Place Value Activity : Build a Number

Materials: Class set of small digit cards (0-9)

Objective :

The learner will use place value to create #’s according to specific directions


1. Give each student a set of digit cards.

2. Give directions for students to form a number to meet the given criteria. ( Model for kids on Elmo or Overhead a few times)

Note: Criteria can be set to grade level needed.

3. Students arrange digit cards to build a number to satisfy the conditions.

Criteria Ideas:

-Build the largest number you can.

-Build the smallest number you can.

-Build a number less than 500.

-Build a number larger than 500.

-Build a number that is between 200 and 600.

-Build a number that is 10 more than 462.

-Build a number 200 less than 381.

Extension: After building numbers, have students in each group order their numbers from greatest to least or least to greatest.

4. Repeat several times with different digits and different directions.

Enrichment: As student become more proficient, choose a student to give directions for building each number to promote higher-order thinking.