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Place Value Activity: Low,Middle High

Place Value Activity: Low,Middle High

Author: julie miller

Students will strengthen their understanding of place value through game play

In this game, students will strength their  understanding of place value by building  numbers and determining if they believe their number is the lowest, in the middle or the highest compare to the other players in the game. Players gain points if their prediction is correct. The first player to reach an agree upon total number of points wins. 

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Place Value Activity: Low, Middle, High

Place Value Activity: Low, Middle, High

Place Value Activity: Low, Middle, Low

Materials: 30 Number Cards (3 sets each numbered 0-9)

Group Size: Groups of 3 or more

Objective: Students will strength their understanding of place value


1. Shuffle the cards.

2. Deal 3 card to each play, who then form a 3-digit number face down.

3. The first player then says "low", "middle", or "high" depending on the what he/she thinks the value of the number formed is compared to other players. Each player takes a turn doing this.

4. Players then show the number each formed.

5. Players who predicted correctly get a point for that round.

6. It is possible that more than one player to be correct.

7. The first player to reach an agreed upon total number of points win!