Place Value System

Place Value System

Author: Abigail Carter
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This exercise falls underneath the California State Mathematic Standards for 5th grade 5.NBT.1: 

Recognize that in a multi-digit number, a digit in one place represents 10 times as much as it represents in the place to its
right and 1/10 of what it represents in the place to its left.

The Big Idea

How much a number is worth depends on how far it is from the decimal. If it is on the left of the decimal, the farther away, the larger it is. If it is on the right of the decimal, the farther away, the smaller it is. 

This video will explain place value on both sides of the decimal.

Place Value Hockey!

This is a fun game to play, team up with the person sitting next to you and see who is the first to win! To access this game, please right click on the link and select "Open in New Tab"


The Big Question

On your paper, write down the number 185.437 vertically so each number is stacked on top of each other. Label each number with its place value and let Ms. Carter know when you are done so she can check your work. 

Still Needing Help?

Khan Academy is a great place to go if you need help with any type of math in any grade. They have tutorial videos and practice questions. This is the link to the place value lesson, but please check it out anytime you need an extra boost in math! To select this link, please right click on it and select "Open in New Tab"