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Planets in the Solar System

Planets in the Solar System

Author: Katie Lucas

Students will do an expository writing assignment on a planet.

Science Standards:

4. Objects in the sky move in regular and predictable patterns. As a basis for understanding this concept students know:
 d.   that Earth is one of several planets that orbit the Sun and that the Moon orbits Earth

Third grade students will research and collect information about a planet using the iPad app "Solar Walk". Using that information, they will complete an expository writing assignment and an illustration about a planet. This project will be displayed at Open House.

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Day 1:
Each student will be assigned a planet to research and write about. Students will begin their research by opening the iPad app: Solar Walk. They will be given 10 minutes to explore the various planets accessible in the app. Then, they will begin to research their planet. Students will be provided with a worksheet to use to record their research findings. They will have the rest of the period to complete their research. Students can also look for information on the websites provided.


Day 2:
Students will use the iPad app: Inspiration Lite to organize their information. We will do this together as a class using the “Essay Outline” template. Students will create 2-3 body paragraphs. Their information needs to be organized into the following categories: quick facts, comparison to Earth, and additional information. Once information has been organized into Inspiration Lite, I will model how to write the introductory paragraph. Then students will copy my format but customize it based on the planet they are writing about. Then taking the information they organized into Inspiration Lite, students will write their body paragraphs on their own. Finally, as a whole class, we will write our closing paragraph together.

Day 3:
Students will use the iPad app Art Set to illustrate a picture of their planet.

Check for Understanding

Students will demonstrate knowledge of their planet as evidenced by their composition.