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Planning Center

Planning Center

Author: Fred Lambertson

To research and observe technology utilized in a faith based institution.

The church I observed is New Community Church in Glendora. A very small church but one with a lot of technology especially considering the resources available and size of the membership.

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The best tool utilized at this church facility is the program called Planning Center. This is a collaborative web portal in which all church leadership have access to. There is a main church calendar which links to Google Calendar and gmail. Members of the worship team and executive staff can update in real time the use of the facility on the main calendar. In addition to this the senior pastor can update his upcoming message for Sunday to assist with worship leaders and their set creation. Worship leaders can send out email and text blasts to band members reminding them of rehearsal and performance. The worship leaders can upload cover songs, the keys going to be played, and the worship set. Even sound technicians are kept in the loop.

Youth groups, smalls groups, and every component of the church body is on this to collaborate and keep the church running as efficiently as they can.

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