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Plant Cycle

Plant Cycle

Author: Megan Henderson

CA State Science Standard-Grade One

1-LS1-1: Use materials to design a solution problem by mimicking how plants and/or animals use their external parts to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs.

Objectives: Students will be able to define the plant life cycle. Students will be able to identify the stages of the plant cycle: seeds, roots, sprouts, tree, flower, and fruit.

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Ready for the "Big Question"???

Answer this Question after you've learned all about the plant life cycle!

The Stages

Learn more about:

Germination, Sprouting, Plant reproduction, and Seed Dispersion 


The Plant Life Cycle

All about the Seed!

The Seed is the beginning of the plant cycle! 

-Where do seeds come from?

-How are seeds planted?

-How do you care for the seed and help it grown into a plant?

Learn more about Seeds