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3 Tutorials that teach Plant Kingdom: Algae
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Plant Kingdom: Algae

Plant Kingdom: Algae

Author: Amanda Soderlind

This lesson will explain the characteristics and function of algae plants.

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Algae possess many properties that make them similar to plants:

-some algae are autotrophs and perform photosynthesis like plants

- they produce oxygen like plants

-Some contain the pigment chlorophyll like plants

-Some types of algae contain structures similar to those found in plants



Although there are some similarities to plants, there are also some differences:

-some algae are unicellular unlike plants

-the cellular structure of some types of algae is vastly different than that of plants

-some types of algae can be heterotrophs unlike plants


Algae have many uses for humans and in the environment:

-we use some types of algae for food

-some types of algae produce oxygen through photosynthesis

-some types of algae act as a food source for other animals in a food web

-some types of algae are used in cleaning or cosmetic products