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Plant Kingdom: Angiosperms

Plant Kingdom: Angiosperms

Author: Nathan Lampson
This lesson will explain the characteristics and function of angiosperm plants.
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Angiosperms are flowering plants that produce seeds that are enclosed in fruit.  Plants that are considered angiosperms are found everywhere on earth. Angiosperms can survive in the frozen arctic, deserts, and in tropical jungles. 

Flowering plants can be a variety of colors and shapes in order to attract insects which aid in reproduction.  A flower is pollenated when pollen from the anther of a plant, is deposited in its stigma or the stigma of another flower. 

A fertilized flower develops seeds that are covered in fruit.  Apples and cherries are examples of fruits produced by angiosperms.

Fruits are a way for angiosperms to spread there seeds to new locations.  Animals eat fruits and carry the seeds to a new location when they are passed through the digestive system.

Image: Cherry Tree