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Plate motions

Plate motions

Author: Jose Barajas Arana

Grade level: 7th

Standard: MS-ESS2-3. Analyze and interpret data on the distribution of fossils and rocks, continental shapes, and seafloor structures to provide evidence of the past plate motions. Clarification Statement: Examples of data include similarities of rock and fossil types on different continents, the shapes of the continents (including continental shelves), and the locations of ocean structures (such as ridges, fracture zones, and trenches). Assessment Boundary: Paleomagnetic anomalies in oceanic and continental crust are not assessed.


1. Students will be able to distinguish the different layers of the Earth by labeling the layers on a diagram of the Earth’s core.

2. Students will be able to define convergent, divergent, and transform plate boundaries by using complete sentences.

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Plate tectonics

Alfred Wegener

For more information about  Alfred Wegener click on his name. You will read an article and watch a short video. 


Expand the knowledge of transform boundary including the San Andres Fault line click on the word Transform plate boundary. You will watch a short animation video. 


Click on the word (All plate boundaries) to reinforce what we learned today.

Test your knowledge

Now you going to take an assessment that covers all of the information you learn today.

Please click on the word assessment then begin the assessment. 

Afred Wegener

More information about Afred Wegenerclick on his name. Read the article and watch the video.


To reinforce and recall key points of the lesson about plate boundaries please click on the word plate boundaries watch this short video.