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Author: Rebecca Oberg

This learning packet should review:

-The biography of Plato
-The major works of Plato
-The major philosophies of Plato
-The historical and literary significance of Plato
-Suggestions for further study

This learning packet provides an introduction to the life, work, and historical context/impact of the ancient Greek philosopher Plato. Through an informative slide show providing a biography, overview of philosophy, and questions for reflection, as well as a section with suggestions for further study and two multimedia video clips, this packet aims to give you a detailed overview of Plato (making no claims to be comprehensive, however, since scholars are able to spend their entire careers studying Plato and his works). Rather, this packet aims to whet your appetite with "the basics" as an overarching starting point in a study of ancient Greek philosophy. Enjoy!

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Plato: A Brief Biography and Summary of Philosophies

This slide show offers insight into some of Plato's main ideas. However, due to the scope and depth of Plato's ideas, this is simply a sampling. It provides a significant timeline of Plato's life, an overview of his philosophy, and opportunities for self-questioning and review.

Source: See slide show for citation

The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory in Clay

This is a claymation adaptation of Plato's famous allegory of the cave. The story is told in a compelling, interesting, and highly memorable way.

Plato: A Detailed Biography and Discussion of Philosophy

From the Encyclopedia Channel, this video clip offers a detailed, highly informative biography and introduction to the philosophy of Plato. Due to the far-reaching nature and huge historical impact of Plato's life and philosophies, the clip provides a basic introduction in just over 6 minutes.

Source: YouTube

Plato: Suggestions for Further Study

To truly understand in-depth the impact of Plato's life and philosophy, visit A comprehensive understading of Plato's philosophies and full life story is the work of years of study, due to the amazing output of ideas he brought forth during his lifetime.

For a more detailed look at Plato's "Allegory of the Cave," please visit

Both of these sites will refer you to even more resources for the study of Plato's life and work.

Source:, Rebecca Oberg